Friday, 7 June 2013

The Face of Fear...Claim your free copy

Book : The Face of Fear

Author : Dean R. Koontz

Published : 1977

Synopsis : The Face of Fear tells the story of Graham Harris and his girlfriend as they fight for survival in a building that has been locked down by a serial killer known as The Butcher. Graham Harris is a clairvoyant, one who seems to have acquired his power after a terrible fall while climbing Mount Everest five years earlier.Harris comes under the eyes of the killer thanks to a live TV interview where he actually had a vision of the killer mutilating a young woman.

The Face of Fear is a  very fast read and has well written chapters,it is a perfect example of a thriller done right.It leaves you wishing that the story were longer and more detailed, I think it was also made into some kind of a movie or tv serial.If someone finds out please let me know, i would love to give it a watch. Grab this free novel quickly.