Monday, 10 June 2013

The Treasure Box...Free fantasy book

Book : The Treasure Box

Author : Penelope J. Stokes

Published : 2008

Synopsis : Vita Kirk is a travel writer who has never left her hometown. In fact, she rarely leaves her house. Due to deep wounds and bitter losses, Vita has chosen isolation over vulnerability. But when she stumbles across an antique chest in a hole-in-the-wall boutique, she discovers a puzzling link to her past and her physical surroundings mysteriously begin to change. Inscribed in the treasure chest are the words, "Love is the key that unlocks every portal".The power of these words prove to unlock a part of Vita she thought had died years ago.

This book is  fast and easy read. There are times when the reader gets confused that if the story is taking place in "real time" or was in a dream. The story is compelling enough from the get go and keeps you going to the end.This is a fantasy story within a story about discovering what really matters in life.This free book is in excellent condition, claim it first.