Sunday, 12 May 2013

Free Paper books

Hello Fellow Readers
Ever felt that your house is overflowing with books you have read and somewhere down the lane you have run out of places to store them. As an avid reader my book collection keeps growing up and somehow i cant find any more place to keep them, barring some books and some collectibles. I would rather see these books in some other book lovers hand than to let them rot in one corner of the house where eventually it will become Moth feed.
The whole purpose of this blog is to give away free books which i cannot respectably store any more to someone who would like to have it. In return you could also do the same by posting on this Blog but it is not a compulsion. I will be posting books with their review (old & new) and all you have to do is just email me and i will send it to you FREE of any charge. The only catch being that you will have to bear for the postage charges or you can collect it yourself. If there are more that one takers for the book, I will fairly decide to give it to anyone of you.Just want to let you know that as I am based In Delhi, this is where all the books will be shipped from and all these books are used (I have read them so I cant claim them to be new).
Any Ideas and suggestion to improve this Forum are more than welcome. To start with I will be posting a few books within a couple of days
Happy Reading