Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Talisman : Free book of the week

Book : The Talisman

Author : Stephen King & Peter Straub

Published : 1984

Synopsis : Twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer embarks on an epic quest--a walk from the seacoast of New Hampshire to the California coast--to find the talisman that will save his dying mother's life. Jack's journey takes him into the Territories, a parallel medieval universe, where most people from his own universe have analogs called "twinners." The queen of the Territories, Jack's mother's twinner, is also dying.

King joined another master of the horror genre, Peter Straub, to create - a fantasy novel. Together they have created strong Characters and is well written but it is long and sags in the mid-section. It's not up there with most of King's or Straub's other works but enjoyable