Thursday, 23 May 2013

Today's Giveaway : The Rozabal Line

Book : The Rozabal Line

Author : Ashwin Sanghi

Published : 2007

Synopsis : Sanghvi resurrects a theory which states that Jesus travelled to India and spent his last days in Kashmir. In fact, Rozabal is believed to the resting place for Jesus and contains the grave where Jesus was buried. Vincent Clair , a priest who keeps getting visions of his past life sets out to India to find out the story of his past, along with his sister Martha. What happens next is a mixture of sub plots that involves a conspiracy theory hatched by  a terrorist organisation and mysterious organisations like Illuminati.

Sanghi's novel here is somewhat a Indianised version of The Da Vinci Code. You will find a lot of similarities between the two novels but it is still a very interesting read. The only problem with this novel is that it has too many sub-plots and keeps jumping from one era to another making it difficult for the reader to follow in between. Yet this fiction is definitely worth a read. A very good effort by an Indian Author.